Back to School, Back to Cooties: Three Mom-Created Products to Help Battle Flu Season

by Sarah on September 15, 2011

It’s back to school season which means the dreaded sniffles, sneezes and fever creep up on even the healthiest of kids. Plain and simple, it’s cootie sharing time!

Here are three mom-created products to help your kids and YOU stay healthy and defend against the school-found cootie.

  • Mabels Labels  Create bright, easily read labels that you can put on everything that’s sent to school. Make sure your little one’s water bottle shouts that it’s his so no buddy inadvertently sneaks a sip from it. Mabel Labels stay on in the dishwasher and come in tons of colors and designs.
  • Tag a Towel  Make sure that any cooties your kids may have picked up at school aren’t spread around while inadvertently sharing towels. Our Tag a Towels, i.d. tags for your bath towel, make keeping healthy fun with our bright designs. Each child picks his or her design, then clips it onto their towel after their shower or bath. Your kids can keep their cooties to themselves and the bathroom gets more organized too! Score!
  • Boogie Wipes  When the cooties have made a home in your little one’s nose, Boogie Wipes are a great way to help keep that button nose clean. The wet saline wipes have aloe and vitamin E in them to help their nose heal from all that wiping during a cold. Boogie Wipes come in different scents, from no scent at all to lavender.

The Mom-Made Game Plan  The game plan this season is to keep those cooties at school with Mabel Labels, make sure you don’t spread them at home with Tag a Towel and if you do get tackled by the dreaded cold or flu cooties, Boogie Wipes will help you keep that button nose pretty and clean!

Be sure to take advantage of our launch party special, two Tag a Towel packs for $20! Shop now!

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Anne Samoilov September 15, 2011 at 9:15 pm

Boogie Wipes ROCK! After my daughter no longer wanted us to squeeze saline into her stuffie noses, these worked like a charm! I even use them sometimes.

Also – I ordered my Tagatowels…so excited to get those!

2 out of 3 isn’t bad, right?

Great article, Sarah! Everyone mom should forward it to their preschool or school!

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